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Your bridge between ESG and Business 


The McNees Group is an ESG consulting firm that is dedicated to enhancing companies' financial & non-financial returns. Our team of experienced and business-minded consultants provides strategic insights to maximize your bottom line and social and environmental impact. By helping companies optimize their ESG and sustainability reporting workflows through selective technologies, our team supports you in creating a long-term, profitable ESG solution. For companies at the beginning of their ESG journey, we provide an executive education program addressing the essentials of ESG and work closely with companies in their implementation of reporting frameworks and ESG goals. 



ESG Consulting Services

  • A complimentary initial call to learn about your company's ESG goals.

    45 min

  • Learn the essentials of ESG in a course designed for executives.

    1 hr

    Contact for pricing
  • A customized quote will be sent after the initial ESG consultation.

    1 hr

    Contact for pricing
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